Knit Circus Yarn Club

We just received an opportunity to participate in a yarn club from Knit Circus Yarns -
The Four Seasons Yarn Club!  We are in love with the Knit Circus gradient yarns we
have in the store.  The colors are beautiful and the yarn feels fantastic.  This club will
be a great opportunity to try several of their different yarn bases.

The club will include four packages - each inspired by the colors of the season.
Because of the unique nature of this club, we'll have a yearlong, four-package set-up
so we can enjoy each season as it comes!

Each Knitcircus Yarns package includes (at least) 100g of an exclusive color of yarn,
either a self-striping, hand-dyed gradient colorway, a variegated hand-painted yarn,
or a "matching socks set" - two cakes of yarn dyed to match each other exactly every
time. Each package also includes a note about the color inspiration, a list of
suggested patterns, and a seasonal or color-inspired gift.

Luxury fiber will be wool-based, featuring different blends like silk, cashmere, tencel
and nylon. Luxury fibers will include favorites like Thrilling, Opulence, and Greatest of
Ease, new yarns reserved exclusively for Clubbies, and early access to yarns not in
the shop yet.

Knitting-related treats in every package include collaborations with small
woman-owned and fair-trade businesses, from one-woman operations to nationally
recognized brands.

Shipments: Summer: August 2015; Fall: October 2015; Winter: January 2016; Spring:
April 2016.

Each of the four packages will be $53.00. They are expected to arrive at the end of
the month.

We need a count by July 30th to give to Knit Circus, so if you want to participate,
please let us know soon!  
Call the store 457-9410 or email us