Addi Turbo Needles

The fast needle with the natural touch.
Very soft cord with smooth transfer.  
Won't snag. Yarn slides easily.
Quiet and very fast.

Addi Turbo Sock Rockets
These Sock Rockets combine the
sharper tip of the addi Turbo Lace
needle with the slick nickel-plated
coating of the classic Turbo needle to
make sock knitting faster and easier.
Regular Knitters Pride Needles
Knitters Pride Cubic

The cuboid shape gradually gives way
to perfectly tapered birch wood needle
Elegant laminated Symfonie Rose wood
is rich in appearance, yet lightweight,
strong & flexible
Unique ergonomic shape provides
comfort to the hand and yields uniform
stitch formation.

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Regular Knitter's Pride:

Dreamz & Karbonz
HiyaHiya Knitting needles

Lightweight, flexible cables. Smooth as
silk, point perfection.

Available in Regular, Sharps
and Bamboo