New Learn to Knit Class
                                         Learn to Knit Class
                              Ruth Boelkins, instructor

This is a two session class for a fee of $30. You also purchase a beginner kit,
which has everything you will need for the class. We will work through the first
project in the booklet during the first session. The second session will be for
additional help, including choosing your next project from the booklet, learning
about yarn selection, and any other new stitches or techniques you might need
to use.

If you are totally new to knitting, or if you have some knitting experience and want
guidance in the basics, then this is the class for you! It is open to anyone, and the
project can be taught to knitters of various levels of experience simultaneously.
This class is for all ages - great for tweens, teens, and all adults!

The beginner kit consists of a “Learn to Knit” booklet, a set of 10” straight size 8
needles, 1 skein of acrylic Uptown Worsted yarn, and darning needles. Our staff will
gladly allow you to swap another color for the skein of yarn in your kit, but please still
choose the Uptown Worsted.

Class Dates:

Ruth is adding" Learn to Knit" class dates based on your interest!  Call or stop in
the store to put your name on a list, and Ruth will contact you for selecting dates and
times for this 2 part class.  Class size will be 2 or more students.  This is open to all
ages, and any level of experience is fine - you can be a total beginner or someone
wanting good basics to refresh your knitting skills!