"Super Bead Satuday"
Super Bead Saturday

January 27

Learn to make a basic wrap bracelet in the morning,
then expand on that technique in the afternoon
to make a beautiful cuff bracelet.

Take one or take them both,  you choose
           Basic Wrap Bracelet Class


Date:  January 27th  10-12pm

$20 + supplies

Skills Needed:  None

Skills taught:  Learn to make a leather wrap
bracelet.  These bracelets are everywhere right now
and are quite simple to make.  You will learn the
basic laddering technique of adding beads as well
as how to add string if you should run out.  These
bracelets make great gifts!

Materials needed: Leather cord (length depends
on number of wraps and wrist size), beading thread
to match leather (like C-Lon, KO Thread or Tuff
Cord), beads (I use approximately 7” of beads per
wrap), button, glue, 2 beading needles (like big eye;
won’t need if using KO Thread or Tuff Cord).  Ask
for detailed supply list in class folder.
5 Row Cuff Bracelet Class

Teacher  Kelly

Date  Saturday, January 27, 1:30-3:30pm

$20 + supplies

Skills Needed:  Need to know how to ladder beads.  
This technique is taught in my Basic Wrap Bracelet

Skills Learned:  Learn to make a beautiful beaded
cuff bracelet using the laddering stitching technique.

Supplies Needed:  Leather cord, beading thread to
match leather (like C-Lon), beads, button, glue, 2
beading needles (like big eye needle).  Ask for
detailed supply list in class folder for more

Class Description:   These bracelets are stunning
and not real hard to make.  Each round is done
separately which makes string management a little
easier than making a multiple wrap bracelet. Plus,
you can make it just the right length for you for a
custom fit.  Have fun selecting and mixing beads and
colors for a one of a kind bracelet.
Don’t see a class time that works for you?  I am more than happy to set up
classes for a group of 2 or more at a time that works for you.

Want a one-on-one class?  You can have my undivided attention for any of
my classes.  The fee is $20 for the first hour, then $10 for each additional
half hour.

Have a special request?  Let me know if you have something specific you
would like to see as a class.