"Under the Tent"

Would you like to sell your extra yarn and turn it into store credit? We are
going to have another Yarn Stash Bash, August 1-17, and everyone is invited to participate.

Drop off begins now! there is no deadline.
You can even drop off after August 1 but the sooner you get it here the more you will sell!

Here are the details:  

1.Please bag your yarn in clear plastic bags in the quantities and for the price you want.
(Think "Bargain,  Garage Sale Prices!") If you are selling yarn that has
Country Needleworks price stickers, please remove the price stickers. (You may indicate
the original price on the form that goes inside your yarn bag if you would like.)

. Fill out
Form #1 to put inside each bag. Make sure each bag is closed securely.    

2. Please fill in Form #2 and bring it to the store along with your filled bags of yarn. You must put
your bags in a clear plastic container with a lid and  your name and phone
number  taped to the bottom of container. These containers will keep your yarn dry "Under the

3. Drop off your Stash anytime between anytime beginning now and                        
pay a $5 registration fee.

    4.    We will sell as much of your yarn as we can during Yarn Stash Bash II  and will give     
you  a Country Needleworks in-store credit for the  full amount of all   
the yarn we sell for you!

5.   After the Yarn Stash Bash, please pick up any of your yarn that did not sell
August 25-31 or we will assume that you don't want it back.
(We need a week to figure out your credits so please don't pick up before Aug. 25)

This is going to be FUN!
Hope you participate!
Click here for YarnStash Bash 2
form #1
Click here for Yarn Stash Bash 2 form #2